Whereas Film Producers are constantly looking to explore new locations to execute their films, there are increasing numbers of countries luring these same producers to shoot their films in their country by offering various incentives. ‘Picture Partners International’ plays a vital role in connecting the two. Our unique consultancy helps bridge the gap for producers by appropriately structuring each production as per the qualifying criteria of the relevant country and its incentive schemes.

The company specialises in mitigating a producer’s exposure on the film or television program by marrying his project with the fitting production incentive package.  From tax credits, subsidies and grants to eligibility and criteria testing, we offer complete turnkey solutions for producers looking to take advantage of the existing production and financial partnerships available to them across different countries and states.

picturePartners is constantly striving to build its portfolio of such locations and has a databank of virgin and not so virgin locations offering enticing incentives for film producers.

To complement the package as a one-stop shop, the company offers co-production alliances on suitable projects and facilitates the appropriate line production solutions for producers looking to shoot overseas.

Global Film Incentives

Many different forms of financial incentives are available to film makers across the globe. Different countries offer their own different incentives to attract and promote film production. These countries have their own eligible criteria though; depending on the film project, producers can access these various financial incentives that comes in the form of local tax benefits, subsidies or grants.

Consultancy / Production Structuring

We analyse each film project in terms of its financial configuration, scale and location requirements and accordingly then suggest the suitable places/countries that can provide right benefits and financial incentives to the project and the producer.

We also offer tailored assistance and consultancy to qualify for those suitable benefits in terms of tax credits/subsidies/grants and optimise the overall incentive.

Coupled with this we also offer consultancy on how to structure the company & production, handle legal check posts, and compose audit and accounting files as per financial regulations & laws of the country in question.

Our combined services provide producers a Partnership ensuring an efficient hassle free experience.

Pre & Post Production Services

Working on turnkey basis, we can help from arranging visas for cast and crew to flights and accommodation. Most importantly, we are here to help film-makers shoot projects as per their creative expectations in a cost effective manner, providing all line production facilities, handling local logistics including location scouting, Insurance, permissions, security etc.

Post Production :

Through our postproduction affiliates and integrated partners we can equip filmmakers with the latest tools and techniques to refine their work and take advantage of the high-end facilities and specialist technicians in countries such as the UK, Singapore, Australia and India for sound, VFX and animation to executing full-fledged 3D projects from start to finish.

Bridge Finance & Collaboration

Leveraging on our extensive network in the film & financial fraternity, we aid the collaboration process by helping producers to join hands with relevant entities for co-productions or financial partnerships.

For suitable potential projects, we ourselves could offer financial or production partnership.


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